2015 Capital Project

Camp Koolaree 2016 Capital Project

A new Dining Hall

Want to leave your name as a piece of history at Camp? 
We are using the beams in our current Dining Hall as the railings in the new Dining Hall, and for $50 you can get your name on one of the beams! This is a way to raise money to help with the 2016 project, and also a fun way for our community to get involved. 
Contact us at info@campkoolaree.ca if you would like more information about our project or to find out how you can donate. 



Camp Koolaree 2015 Capital Project

 Koolaree’s fundraising project is to have electricity installed at the camp.  Electricity would be limited to the cookhouse in order for us to ensure that we keep the same cozy, rustic feeling of the camp for years to come.  Although we have functioned for over 83 years without it, recently we have found that there would be many advantages including:

–        Transporting propane tanks is expensive and time consuming

–        Propane fridges are expensive, difficult to repair and finicky

–        Electricity will also allow us to more easily meet some of the BC Camping Association Guidelines.  

–        Reduction in our operating costs

Our plan is either to do a micro hydro project using the creek that runs thru the property or solar electricity.  In addition to the installation of the system we will also purchase several electrical fridges, and switch the lights in the cook house over to electricity.  

Our budget for this project is $7,500. 

In addition to any cash donations we would appreciate any donations of time
especially from registered electricians for the installation of the project.  

Camp Koolaree is a registered charity and is able to provide tax receipts for all donations.