During our Summer Camps


Cabin Leaders: a one-week commitment, must be at least 3 years older than the oldest camper during that session.

Camp Counsellors: a one-week commitment, 18+ years old.

Director: a one-week commitment, responsible for the overall camp experience for campers and volunteers

First Aid Provider: a one-week commitment, must have Level 1 First Aid Certification.

Chaplain: a one-week commitment, current/retired Ministry Personnel or Lay Worship Leaders preferred. All denominations welcome but must ensure chapel programming is in keeping with United Church of Canada theology and teachings.

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 Please Note:
All Volunteers who work directly with campers or work at the camp while it is in session must have a Criminal Record Check.
Please follow this link for an online Criminal Record check
using this code when requested: S5ZYYKWVTV
Note: These forms are only for those over 19 yrs.even though it says 12. Alternately, you can request a Record Check at your local police detachment.