Information on Camp Koolaree’s 2SLGTBQIA+ Inclusion


At Camp Koolaree, we believe that inclusion of all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, is a Christian value. We are aware that not all Christians hold this same belief, so we want to be very clear about what this means at camp so families can make their own decisions about whether Camp Koolaree is a good fit for them.


What we do:

    • We tell campers that God loves them just the way they are.
    • We welcome people of any sexual orientation or gender identity into positions of leadership at camp, provided they have a clean criminal record check and complete our training requirements, which include healthy boundaries and child abuse prevention training.
    • We respect the names and pronouns campers wish to use during their time at camp. Camp Koolaree has a long history of campers and leaders choosing to adopt camp nicknames different from the names they use at home.
    • We provide both single-gender and all-gender cabins, plus private changing areas in the washrooms for anyone who wishes to use them, regardless of which type of cabin they are in. Requests for cabin type preference may be made on the registration form.
    • We provide proper supervision and pay attention to the whereabouts of all campers at all times.
    • We take complaints of unwanted or inappropriate touching and verbal harassment very seriously and have a written harassment policy, which all leaders are aware of.
    • We speak about inclusion versus “othering”, respect for one another’s personal choices and personal space, and name bullying behaviours when we see them.
    • We recognize that campers come from many different family structures and affirm any family where love and care for one another is a priority, regardless of its make up.
    • We allow campers and leaders to wear the clothing in which they feel comfortable as long as it covers their private parts and is safe for the activity in which they are participating at any given time. Optional costumes, dress up, and silly clothing of all kinds are part of the fun of camp.


What we do not do:

    • We do not tell campers they will be judged by God for who they are or who they love or present them with a hell narrative.
    • We do not allow romantic or sexual relationships between leaders and campers. Such behaviour is grounds for the dismissal of leaders and will be reported to authorities when required.
    • We do not allow or encourage sexual relationships between campers while at camp. Our focus is on friendship and community in our camp relationships, not sexuality.
    • We do not allow leaders to discuss intimate details of their own sexual experiences with campers or to make overt physical romantic displays with other leaders in front of campers. (eg. kissing or caressing)
    • We do not tolerate bullying or harassment of others based on their sexual orientation or gender identity (or for any other reason). Body shaming of any kind is not permitted.
    • We do not offer a formal curriculum on sexual orientation and gender identity or provide any sexual education to campers. When curious campers ask questions about sexuality, sexual orientation, or gender identity, we answer at an age-appropriate level insofar as it relates to their health, safety and compassion for others at camp, recommending they speak to parents and healthcare professionals when they get home, if they wish more detailed answers. Camp Chaplains are available for campers who wish to discuss spiritual and biblical questions around these or any other issues.


Camp is about having fun in a safe and inclusive environment, with opportunities for personal expression and growth, meaningful connections with others and nature, and building lasting community.