Board of Directors

Our Society is guided by a group of dedicated volunteers who have a strong commitment and passion for Camp Koolaree. They work tirelessly throughout the year overseeing the operation of Camp Koolaree as set out in the Constitution and ByLaws of the Society. In the months leading up to the summer camping season, they are busy organizing a camp schedule and setting work camps to ensure the campsite is maintained and safe for all.


Our Directors for 2020 are;

Ray Lundquist (Castlegar United Church)
Bill Furey (Castlegar United Church)
John Marko (Castlegar United Church)
Juliana Marko (CiF Pastoral Charge)
Rev. Robin Murray (Castlegar United Church)
Peter Herd
Natalie Plett
Mo Barry
Nicole Cameron
Linda Gregory
Dave Ermacora