Camp Koolaree T-shirt SALE

Commemorative Camp T-shirts

This is your chance 

for ONLY $5.00 each or 5 T-shirts for $20.00

BUY  a piece of Camp Koolaree history!


We have limited editions of summer camp t-shirts available…

                    If you didn’t buy one then,

                                      or have lost yours,  

                                                        or it’s worn out

                                                                           or even if the moths got at it,

                                                               you can now replace your favourite t-shirt



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Each t-shirt is $5.00 + $5.50 for CanadaPost shipping.
If you live nearby and would like to arrange your own pickup please make arrangements with Juliana.
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Julianna will confirm your order and price.
Payment can be made by PayPal or cheque payable to Camp Koolaree.

Your order will go to Peter Herd who will confirm your order
and arrange suitable delivery with you.

CK Sun
CK Lifesaver
CK 2009
CK 2010
CK 2011
CK 2012
CK 2013
CK 2014
CK 2016
CK 2017

If we do not have your size in the selected design, we will let you know
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