We would like to thank everyone for their patience while we waited for the go-ahead from the BC Government and BC Camping Association. 
We are happy to announce our intention to run our full six weeks of overnight camps this July and August! 

Scheduled Camps —
      July 5-10   Outpost:  (Ages 14-17)  
This week-long celebrates the supporters and members of the youth LGBTQ2S+ community in an inclusive, supportive, genderless camp. Must have completed Grade 8, 9, 10 or 11

      July 12-17  Intergenerational *: (Ages 0-90+ – Anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult)
Please register via the link provided.  Payment is not due upon registration but will be collected closer to your chosen camp date. 
Here is the registration link:

2021 Camp Fees:
     Novice: $300  
     All other Camps: $375
     *Intergenerational Family Camp maximum of $1200/family and campers under age 6 are free.

SUSTAINABILITY FEE: $465 – this is what we would need to charge every camper without the grants and donations we receive from our community. Please, consider paying this full amount if you are able.

As you have probably seen/heard, earlier in the year our wash house was destroyed in a wind storm, and our new washrooms are still under construction.  We are working very hard to get things ready for camps!
We are only just over one month away from camps! If you are interested in volunteering at the camp as a cabin leader or counsellor please apply on our website.  
If you or someone you know is a lifeguard or cook please apply for one of these positions as well!  These are paid positions with room and board at camp for 6 weeks.
We will be COVID AWARE.   Campers stay in rustic cabins with up to nine other campers and two leaders.
Meals are held in our open-air dining hall.    Special diets can be accommodated.
We are “off the grid” and there is no electricity, however, we do have a fully functioning water system, complete with flush toilets and hot showers.
A typical day at Camp Koolaree starts with an optional Polar Bear swim, followed by flag raising and breakfast.
The rest of the day includes Chapel, where ideas about God, nature and community are discussed, craft time, community clean-up chores, sports and games.
Other activities include swimming, canoeing and hiking.
There is always lunch and an afternoon snack called “canteen”.
After supper, evenings will include more games, followed by a campfire with songs and skits.
We are hiring
                    email resume to campkoolaree.registrar@gmail.com
Recreation Coordinator
         July 5 – August 13 
        Full time: $18.25/hour 
This person must have a high school diploma, and be a certified Lifeguard.
Tasks and responsibilities include supervision of all waterfront activities, first aid and planning and coordinating all recreation activities including wide games, sports, crafts, theatre sports etc alongside each camp director.
This person must be very comfortable instructing and supervising children 7-17. In the case that we run day camps, this person will be the primary adult and will be supported by one or two volunteers.
The recreation coordinator will live on-site Monday-Friday during the contract period if our overnight camps go ahead. In the case that we are not allowed to run overnight camps, you will have the option to stay at the camp or at your own home (providing you have adequate transportation).

     July 4 – August 13
     40 hours/week @ $17.25/hour
– Live on-site
– Room and Board included
– Must have experience cooking for large groups of people
– Food Safe Certified
– Must have significant knowledge about Kitchen safety, cleanliness and organization
– Must have a vehicle for transporting groceries or have access to one
– Must be willing to report to a Supervisor
– Record Daily hours and specific descriptions of jobs completed
– ensure all government regulations regarding health and safety protocols around food preparation, handling and storage are being enforced.
– Ensure that the kitchen equipment is in good usable condition.  Such equipment/appliances include Walk-in Cooler, Fridges and Stoves.
– Cook pre-planned meals decided by the director of each Camp
– Shop with the Camp Manager and stay within budget
– Ensure campers’ special dietary needs have been met and accounted for.

Assistant Cook 
          July 5- August 13
        40 hours/week @ $15.75/hour

– Live on-Site
– Food Safe
– Experience working in a kitchen setting
– Assist cook in preparing meals and cleaning the kitchen
– Will report to a Supervisor

Annual Report–2020



On December 18, 2020, a Virtual Zoom Annual General Meeting of the Society was held.

Read the report…


Board members were appointed by acclamation:
    Juliana Marko, Natalie Plett, Nicole Cameron, Peter Herd, John Marko, Bill Furey, Linda Gregory, Ray Lundquist and John Marko

Misty Soukochoff, Toni Lynn McKellar, and Robin Murray have resigned, and we thank them for their service to Koolaree.