Giving Tuesday

Help Build the Koolaree Campership Fund!

Sam* is in foster care and so is often moving around from home to home in our area. The one place that remains constant in Sam’s life, the one place that is always home year after year, is Camp Koolaree. Not surprisingly though, Sam needs financial assistance to return every summer. Your gift to the Koolaree campership fund will make sure that Sam and other children in situations like Sam’s will never be turned away from camp because they can’t afford the tuition.

Sylvia* is a single mother of two girls. She works multiple jobs trying to make ends meet, but there is really no extra money for experiences like summer camp for her children. Thanks to past campership donations, both girls have had a few summers at camp. Sylvia has watched her teenaged daughter grow in confidence, not only coming to Koolaree as a camper but returning as a volunteer leader, paying forward what she can to younger campers. Sylvia wants to see her younger daughter develop those same leadership skills. Won’t you help out families like Sylvia’s by donating to the Koolaree campership fund?

(*names changed to protect privacy)

koolaree canoes 2021

Koolaree Canoes — Summer 2021

The Work Goes On…

A new refrigerator

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August 11, 2021: Ken and Jacob and Lynn (the 4-legged helper) have just loaded another propane refrigerator into "The Scow" at Nichawa for a trip across to Koolaree. This is a second hand 18 cuft fridge and it is quite heavy - a back breaking 295 lb.

Thanks to All…

who made this Summer a HUGE SUCCESS!!!

Despite the smokey skies our camps were active and vibrant giving all who came a super great time… Memories to last a lifetime…

Come on back next year!

Annual Report–2020



On December 18, 2020, a Virtual Zoom Annual General Meeting of the Society was held.

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Board members were appointed by acclamation:
    Juliana Marko, Natalie Plett, Nicole Cameron, Peter Herd, John Marko, Bill Furey, Linda Gregory, Ray Lundquist and John Marko

Misty Soukochoff, Toni Lynn McKellar, and Robin Murray have resigned, and we thank them for their service to Koolaree.