2024 Summer Camps

We are excited about our camping season!
Jr Girls (ages 10-13): July 8-13
Teen camp (ages 14-17): July 15-20
Jr Boys (ages 10-13): July 22-27
Novice camp (ages 7-9): July 29-August 1
(the Novice Camp is now being “waitlisted”)
Intergenerational family camp: August 5-10
Junior all-gender camp (ages 10-13): August 12-17
2024 Camp Fees:
Note: we are a non-profit organization,
and in order to keep the costs affordable for families,
we rely on grants and donations.

The sustainability fee is
what we would need to charge
every camper without the grants and donations
we receive from our community.
Please, consider paying this full amount if you are able
to help keep camp accessible for everyone.

Novice Camp
Early Bird*           Regular
$330                   $350
Sustainability fee: $570

All other Camps
Early Bird*        Regular
$420                $440
Sustainability fee: $570

*Early Bird Fee available until May 31, 2024

Interested in volunteering at Koolaree this summer?
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