First Annual Open House

Our Open House for those of you who weren’t here, was a huge success!  We had over 90 people here over the day (some did not stay for dinner) including volunteers.  I was a little emotional seeing all the new and old faces out here enjoying our camp.  There were all ages, from 0-82!  Dinner was delicious as well with Pulled Pork, Corn on the Cob and potato salad.  Robin did an awesome job doing crafts with anyone who wanted.  I saw a lot of god’s eyes being made 🙂 We sold a couple of T-shirts as well, and even a couple of our beams from the dining hall (we decided if anyone donates $50 they can have their name on a beam and we will use those to do the railing for our new deck.  I believe we raised about $1000 but I don’t have all the figures on me at the moment.  It was still an amazing opportunity for us!
Until next time!

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