Work Parties

June 10, 2015
20150610_121917_resized[1]The first work party of the year was held today at Camp Koolaree.   Under a blazing summer sun, the crew put in a great effort to clean up much of the winter’s debris of fallen pine needles and mow the knee high grass down to size.  Norm repaired a pipe up by the water intake on Eight-Mile Creek.  Diana worked at cleaning up the kitchen, and the rest were kept busy mowing, picking up branches, weed-whacking and doing other chores. 
L-R in photo of the crew having their lunch break; Norman Whitehouse, Diana Mack, Peter Herd, Juliana Marko, and Thomas Mack.  Missing from the picture, Barbara and daughter Hannah who were down cooling their feet in the lake. 
With the temperature in the low 30’s, Peter, Juliana, and Thomas all went in for a refreshing (but brief) swim in the lake.  Yes, that’s Juliana’s pet in the photo.  The old fellow was quite happy to find a shady spot where he could keep an eye on us.
The next work party is scheduled for Saturday June 20th and we’ll be putting out a wider call for help in cleaning cabins, washrooms, kitchen etc.  Of course by then the grass will need to be cut again too.


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